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Growing up in the D.C. area, life was exciting. My entrepreneur father and writer mother played a wide variety of music in the house - from Tina Turner to Emmylou Harris to Bela Fleck to Prince to Brazilian Bossa Nova. This eclectic mix of writers and musicians inspired me to start writing poems at the age of six. My first poem, which tried to articulate the warm, fuzzy feelings I felt from my school crush, started my tinkering with songs.

Now my music celebrates every facet of me, and I get to be my realest self through it. Nothing feels better than this. It is freedom; it is relief. The true healing I chase.

In the spring of 2019, I released my first single, “Patagonia Sunrise”, which has amassed over 1.8 million listens on all streaming platforms. A handful of singles and my debut EP followed. I unintentionally took 2 years off from releasing music, and during this time I moved to Los Angeles. I’ve re-worked my sound in a way that sounds a little surer of itself. My new projects are more layered and mature, as I'm learning to embrace a newfound patience for the process. Keyword:



In spring of 2023, I released “Happy With Me”, a breakup story that marks a more formal entrance back into my music career. As I continue my journey of self-discovery, my music provides the best hook at following along.


Ultimately, I’m on an adventure to be inspired and to inspire. To be changed and to change. My quest won’t be perfect, but it will be honest. I invite you into my heart and music to discover yourself and the messy, beautiful world with me.


Always yours,


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